Scope and aims

Sustainability is considered to be a top priority for all mankind by United Nations. With that goal in mind, ISSMGE technical committee TC 307, aims to monitor, produce and disseminate information regarding the contribution of geotechnical design and construction to a sustainable development. 
This contribution includes adopting environment-friendly, cost-effective and socially-acceptable choices. 

In line with United Nations concerns, the first conference on sustainability in geotechnical engineering is being organized by LNEC, with the following goals:

  1. To contribute and to disseminate information on sustainability and resilience related issues in geotechnical engineering.
  2. To offer an exceptional opportunity for exchanges between specialists in the various disciplines.
  3. To offer the widest possible forum to young or new authors.
  4. To give innovation an opportunity, by welcoming papers devoted to new materials, techniques and applications.
  5. To give an outlook of the future.
  6. To offer a high scientific and technical level to match the expectations of all participants.